About Us

Our Mission.

The mission of the EpiCenter is to increase the number of individuals who actively pursue entrepreneurship and to significantly increase the success rate of entrepreneurs in the United States and around the world. Recognizing that the greatest entrepreneurs are driven to create something bigger than self and that lives beyond self, the EpiCenter is focused on researching and advancing entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and innovation around the globe which includes being the penultimate aggregator of content, contacts, resources and so much more.

What we Do.

The EpiCenter is the one-stop shop for the celebration, study, preparation, and support from some of the great entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and innovators of all time. We aggregate content, knowledge, tools, and resources from the world’s preeminent entrepreneurs, institutions, organizations, foundations, and thought leaders and utilize multiple mediums to distribute them so entrepreneurs can be more successful. Our portfolio of programs serves the “whole life of the entrepreneur” and includes education, research, entertainment, experiential and interactive activities, and a range of support, products, and advisory services designed to help insure real success.

Our Successes.

An important asset to the EpiCenter is its Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame (EHOF) which is all about “illuminating the past, empowering the present, and inspiring the future” for entrepreneurs around the globe. The Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame continues to recognize the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and shares their stories and expertise with others, especially so you can learn from their journey’s and experiences. Induction Events into the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame take place to honor those individuals. The EpiCenter is also dedicated to recognizing, studying, facilitating, and teaching entrepreneurship, especially for our youth who are opening businesses at record rates.